The John W. Clem Recovery House Mission:

The Board of Directors of THE JOHN W. CLEM RECOVERY HOUSE is a volunteer alliance of concerned citizens, parents, clinicians, business persons, physicians, professionals, students, spouses, recovering alcoholics and addicts, and other persons whose lives have been adversely affected by drugs and alcohol. We collaborate for the purpose of helping alcoholics and drug addicts maintain sobriety by operating a residential facility that provides a structured, safe environment, shelter, food, and an introduction to the 12-Step way of life.

Our purpose is to bring male alcoholics and drug addicts into recovery and to assist them in becoming sober, productive members of the community. This process involves providing a safe haven free of drugs and alcohol, supporting healthy lifestyles, creating opportunities for meaningful change, providing guidance and advice; and assisting our residents in finding jobs. We introduce our residents to the principles and practices of the 12-Step program (AA, NA, etc.), 12-Step meetings, 12-Step sponsors and other role models from the recovery community while providing them a supervised transition to sobriety.

[PLEASE NOTE: Detoxification and treatment are not conducted at The Clem House.]

Core Values:
We are accountable to the citizens of Southeastern Ohio, men seeking recovery, spouses, families, friends, neighbors of our residents, and to the local employers, healthcare and recovery professionals, police, courts of law, other social service agencies, the faith-based community and financial supporters who contribute to our efforts. We reach out to and keep our stakeholders by engaging in dialogue regarding our mission and activities, through listening to their needs, and by providing services for their constituencies. We offer cost- effective programs sensitive to the economic and cultural needs of Appalachian Ohio, and we are committed to being good stewards of the financial contributions and grants made to support our mission.