Evaluation Strategies

The John W. Clem Recovery House will continuously evaluate its staff, programs, and residents. Staff and program valuation materials will be collated, analyzed, summarized, and reviewed with the Board on an annual basis. The Board will then make adjustments or modifications in the Recovery Program on an annual or as-needed basis. Demographic data on residents is collected and analyzed and is used for implementing changes in pro9gramming.

Staff Evaluations:
The Executive Director is evaluated annually. The president may charge a subcommittee of the Board for this task. Feedback from other staff members and residents will be considered. A formative instrument will be distributed to board members, but they will be asked also to submit a summative evaluation according to specific guidelines. The Executive Director will be responsible for conducting similar evaluations of the House Manager and the Business Manager.

Evaluation of Residents:
The Executive Director, House Manager and Business Manager will be responsible for evaluating each resident during his three-month stay at The Clem House. The resident’s commitment to recovery, attitude, participation in programs, interaction with other residents, employment record and service activities will all be taken into consideration during the evaluations process. Weekly meeting between the Executive Director and each resident will be used to promote and monitor progress. Formative and summative documents will be utilized. Feedback from staff, sponsors, and members of the recovery community will be solicited. Efforts will be made to track the outcome of residents after they leave The Clem House and to monitor recidivism. Each resident will complete two response forms each week.

The Executive Director will meet with each resident once per week and provide staff feedback. Discussion will be on residents’ perceived progress, strengths, and areas for growth compared with staff perceptions.

Evaluation of the Programs:
The Clem House Recovery Program will be evaluated by the Board, Executive Director, Staff members, residents, members of the recovery community, and funding agencies. Cumulative numbers of admissions, graduations, and administrative discharges will be tracked.