Board of Directors

The Board of Directors

The Clem House is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. An elected, all-volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for assuring that the John W. Clem Recovery Houses operate within all professional standards. The Board sets goals, establishes policies and procedures, and monitors financial operations. The Executive Director is responsible for overall operations and meeting the goals and expectations of the Board. The Executive Director, the House Manager, and staff work in concert to assure that the mission and core values are at the forefront of planning and implementation.

Central to the operation of the Clem House, the Board has mandated that at least one staff person be on site twenty-four hours daily, seven days weekly throughout the year to provide supervision. A consulting medical director (serving on the Board) provides services as needed.

The Board is accountable to the citizens of Southeastern Ohio, men seeking recovery, spouses, families, friends, neighbors of our residents, and to the local employers, healthcare and recovery professionals, police, courts of law, other social service agencies, the faith-based community and financial supporters who contribute to the Clem House mission.

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