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Essential Criteria for Admittance: 

  1. Prior to admission, each individual will go through an interview and a discussion about the expectations, the general rules, and an explanation of the way the residence runs. They will also be expected to complete all intake documentation and sign a contract for behavior and conduct.
  1. All residents are encouraged to stay a minimum of six months; requests to stay beyond six months will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the House Manager and the Executive Director.
  1. When a person signs an agreement to stay at The John W. Clem Recovery House, he makes an initial payment of at least $250.00 or an agreement has been made with an external agency to pay for the stay on a day-to-day basis. (NOTE:SNAP Benefits (food stamps) will be contributed by the resident to the Clem House.)
    • Program fees will be paid in full every week (non-VA contract residents).
    • Program fees include the following:
      • Introduction to the 12-Step approach to sobriety
      • A morning meeting 7:15 to 8:15 a.m. each day (M-F) to discuss issues, concerns, and reflect on the day
      • Guidance in learning to take responsibility for self and appreciate others
      • Awareness and practice of skills for appropriate functioning
      • One-on-one interactions with the Executive Director and the House Manager throughout the week
        • As part of the Veterans Administration program, veterans receive a treatment plan which includes adequate housing (after the Clem House program) as a goal and receive assistance with obtaining housing from the Veterans Administration Office in Athens, Ohio.
        • As part of the Clem House program, the Executive Director works with each of the men to establish an individualized plan (including adequate housing) once the men leave the program.
        • Wrap-Around services (community resources) are discussed and include assistance with finding appropriate long-term housing, food, legal services, community action agencies, etc.
      • Meals
      • Monitoring of medications
      • An assigned bed, including linens
      • Laundry facilities
      • Free use of the kitchen, dining room, common areas, spacious lawns, a covered outdoor meeting space
      • Access to books and entertainment
    • Program fees do not cover personal items (toiletries, personal food/snacks, clothing, haircuts, etc.)
    • REMINDER: Detoxification and treatment are not part of the Clem House Program and are not included in program fees.

Our full Resident Handbook can be found below.

The Clem House Resident Handbook

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