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The Briggs House and the Clem House offer its residents an alcohol-free and drug-free environment while they are making the transition to a sober lifestyle. The Houses offer residents an opportunity to withdraw from their alcoholic/addict lifestyle and from the persons, places, and things that trigger continued alcohol and drug abuse. The recovery programs are designed to assist the resident as he begins a new life.

12 Step Programs:

First and foremost, the Briggs and Clem House Recovery Programs are designed for adult male alcoholics/addicts who want to quit drinking and using drugs. Working the 12-Step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous has been an effective path to recovery. Residents living at these facilities are encouraged to embrace and practice the 12 steps in their daily lives. The steps are about more than not drinking or drugging. They are about a better way to lead one’s life.

Taking the 12 steps and learning how to live them is best done with a guide. That’s why residents are encouraged to find a sponsor who will lead them through the process. How long one takes to work the steps varies from man to man. Residents are encouraged to at least complete the first three before leaving the Clem House and begin their path to honesty, sobriety, and a better way of life.

AA/NA Meetings:

The Clem House requires residents to attend 5 meetings a week, while the Briggs House requires residents to attend 2 meetings a week. Attending meetings is valuable because they (a) offer opportunities to network with members of the recovery community; (b) allow opportunities to find sponsors/mentors; (c) provide information and education about substance use disorders; (d) offer a place to talk about issues related to disorders; and (e) offer opportunities to listen to other people who share the same or similar problems.

Program Expectations:

  1. The primary expectation is that each resident will take an active role in his recovery.
  2. ALL residents will take an active role in developing a meaningful and realistic recovery plan.
  3. Residents will be employed or doing significant volunteer work no later than the beginning of the third week of residency unless excused after consultation with the Executive Director and/or his designated agent.
  4. ALL residents are expected to do daily chores and work cooperatively with one another to maintain a clean environment at all times.
  5. Residents are responsible for daily cleaning of their personal space.
  6. ALL residents will complete and submit brief, weekly written records and will meet weekly with the Executive Director and/or his designee by appointment.
  7. ALL residents will work cooperatively with staff members and fellow residents, follow all house rules, and demonstrate a commitment to 12-Step principles in all activities.


  1. Life free of substances, thoughts, and behaviors that contributed to the individual’s  need for a recovery house.
  2. Ability to make responsible decisions that enhance the life the individual chooses.
  3. Knowledge, skills, and attitudes that lead to a gratifying personal life, work life, family life, and social life.
  4. Valuing service as an enriching life pursuit.
  5. An ability to access a wide array of services prior to relapse if assistance is needed in the future.

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