“When I arrived at the Clem House, I really didn’t know what to expect. I was fresh out of rehab, and the only thing I was certain of was that I needed more help. The guidance and knowledge of the staff, along with the comradery and understanding of the other residents, gave me resources I needed to move forward in life. I’m over 18 months sober today and living a happy, productive life thanks to the Clem House.”

“Life is neat in its different cycles. The Clem House helped me recognize and learn this is the next cycle of my life.”

“A life-changing experience. The Clem House showed me there is a different world.”

“Can’t say enough about the Clem House. It is a great place to get your life back on track. The staff will go out of their way to help you out if you want help. Without a doubt the best thing I have ever done for myself. If recover is what you are looking for I highly recommend the Clem House.”

“Socialization. For me, The Clem House provided positive socialization with people who are serious about recovery. They hold us accountable and personally responsible for ourselves. They helped me get involved with my community. Going to meetings has helped me a lot. I’ve also reconnected with my church. I’m a spiritual person and this was an important step for me, and it wouldn’t have been possible without a commitment to a sober lifestyle.  This place has a good atmosphere and a serene environment where I don’t feel rushed. I feel comfortable to take my recovery at my own pace.”

“Clem House didn’t tell me what to do. They showed me how it was done.”

“When I came to the Clem House, I had nothing. When I left, I had a life worth living.”

“I was at the crossroads. I didn’t want to use drugs and alcohol anymore, but I had no idea how not to… The Clem House helped DIRECTLY, in saving me from myself.”

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